Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Harvest Seaon, Tues Pre

 Today was filled with harvest learning, some plant id work, AND helping the Earth Corps group working at the park today! 
We started off heading right up the hill to the plot of land the Earth Corps group was planting, and each student got to pick a few plants to plant with a volunteer. Before they got started we talked about some of these plants: huckleberry, sword fern, kinickinick, oregon grape, and snowberry to name a few.
 As they planted they learned some good tips on planting a plant in the most healthy way, and they even gave their plants some love by naming them! Above, A is planting "Snow White the Snowberry".

After planting we went off into the woods for a bit to explore, read stories and play. Then, of course we also had to celebrate the last FH of the season! So we did with hot cocoa with whipped cream on top:
What fun we had together this fall!

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