Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pirate Day!

As a finale to the inaugural year of Froggy Holler Outdoor Preschool (what?! oh my goodness time flies!) we celebrated with Pirate Day at the beach! We started off hunting for another letterbox at Richmond Beach, the Beach Fairy box. 
Then we were off running:
The kids LOVED their time at the beach today. As seen in this collage they were really into crawling like a bear, trying to dig up clams, smiling their faces off, and investigating sea anemones: 
Ivy created this impressive work of art:
And we played tough pirates (and read silly pirate books too!):
And even found pirate treasure!!!
What a wonderful way to end our frogtastic year together! I loved teaching these kiddos outside this year and learned so much alongside them, I really hope I'll get to teach them in FH Outdoor Kindergarten next year!

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