Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Letterboxing in Hamlin ~ Tuesday

As a fun activity for our last day at Hamlin Park for the year I thought I'd introduce the kids to letter boxing. I gave each student a little notebook, we used our froggy stamps and with clues I'd gotten online we hunted for and found the Hamlin Park Box #1.
After each kiddo got a stamp in his/her new book, we added ours and hid the box again. Letterboxing is such a fun way to explore local, regional, and even further afield parks. I highly recommend checking out all the spots you can find them at letterboxing.org. After our letterboxing stint we had a cozy picnic and story time in a sheltered spot nearby.
Then we had to stop off at sliding rock.
And then the kids voted to head over to another favorite spot, "The Maple Pancake Factory"!
Featured on the menu here was a madrona pancake with pine needle syrup.
There we spent a fun time climbing the tree (aka boat) and taking adventures together.
We've all had a wonderful time really connecting to this park this year and I'm happy to have rediscovered so many new areas with the classes here.

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