Sunday, November 2, 2014

Boeing Creek!

 Excursion to Boeing Creek! It was a rainy week at the creek. The trees were losing their leaves and providing less protection from the falling water than usual. These froggys were tough though. We slogged through mud and water and not one of us melted!

Tuesday Froglets made it to the creek and got quite muddy! They hugged a GIANT grandpa/grandma tree and found many face sized Big Leaf Maple leaves. 

We even found a FAKE snag at the park!! Tricky!!

Wednesday Froglets practiced their patience with friends and posed for GQ. Not sure who got the muddiest but we had some top contenders!

Thursday Tadpoles somehow managed to make it down to the creek even though we had not originally planned to go all the way down there... Sneaky Tadpoles!! On the way back we found a HUGE banana slug!  

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