Saturday, September 21, 2013

Frog Day!

Some old friends and many new ones! Froggy Holler has begun again! This week was our first of the fall and we rang it in with style! This week was definitely a week to get back in to the swing and create some new bonds. We simply enjoyed the woods and the company of new friends.

Tuesday Froglets we were threatened with rain but it held off. We visited fairy valley and found a new fort there!  We learned about shelf fungus, did some cooking in the kitchen, heard a story about Douglas fir cones, and ended the day at sliding rock! 

Tuesday Frogs chased after an owl that really wanted to show off. It kept slowly swooping from one tree to the next. Allowing us time to observe and admire it of course! It finally lead us to the dragon’s nest where we added to the fort and discovered Elf Cove! 

Wednesday Froglets tromped through fairy valley and tried to solve the mystery of the green rocks in the trail. It’s a doozy! We found mushrooms to study as well as a huge fort and some treasures left by winged creatures of mystery. We found a steep hill and got dirty sliding down it, then at the bottom where it was sandy we practiced the letters that began our names. 

Thursday ended the week with a bang with the tadpoles insatiable curiosity. Little frogs joined us on our hike and before we had even left the shelter a caterpillar was found and studied thoroughly. Under logs and on top of them, worms in the hand and beetles tickling the arm, we enjoyed sliding rock, Hamlin park, and each other.  

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