Friday, June 21, 2013

Arrgggh, PIRATE Week!

In celebration of the end of FH this spring, this year, and for Teacher Erin Z, we had PIRATE days at the beach! We met, got in character, hunted for the pirate map with a little help from Mack the pirate macaw, and went on a treasure hunt! 
Tuesday Froglets:
Could it have been a more ideal day for Pirate Day on the beach? At the end we practiced our bomb rock throwing in the sound. What a fun time!
 Tuesday Frogs:
 These pirates really got into the pirate challenges of log balancing, and x hunting, they were pretty sure they found it many times before we found the matching one on the map!
 Wednesday Froglets:
These kiddos had some of their own plans today (costumes included ;)), and they really explored the low tide, the whole beach, and a dead flounder too.

 Thursday Tadpoles:
 We got out the face paint for this little crew!
 More dead fish studying, log balancing like a pirate on a plank, planes on trains viewing, and low tide investigating!
Well shiver me timbers was that ever a FUN week!

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