Friday, November 9, 2012

Forest Friends

This week we learned about our forest friends here in Hamlin, namely squirrels and moles. Since it was the big election this week, we also voted! The kids decided everything from which craft we would do, to which books to read, which direction to go in the woods etc!
Tuesday Froglets:
 Putting on a show at FH, throwing "squirrel popcorn" for the squirrels, telling stories, and Mr. H doing a penguin waddle! ;)
FH is a great place to stretch out our legs running down hills, and investigate all the fungi around us also!
 We played in the leaves and made little squirrels!
Tuesdays Frogs:
Voting, seed spreading and log riding oh my!
 Wednesday Froglets:
There was some marvelous teamwork going on!
 Thursday Tadpoles:
We danced, played with instruments, investigated mole holes, shared a bday treat, studied insects up close, splashed, and so much more!
 It was a great week for some leaf pile play too!

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