Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Signs of Spring K

This week at our FH K class we were busy! On Tuesday we started off at the creek (which was nearly all dried up!), then it was on up Mt. Trail where we discussed erosion.
Next we passed by the planting site where we chose our favorite plants. Then there was a little "chocolate factory" play and fort building time.
There the kids also made some "Forest Save Stew" which I was told, "Has magic that every now and then would get you another life!" Yeah, I'll take a bite kids! They kept adding to their soup with cinnamon and spices, and noodles when it was raining snow noodles in the fort (aka needles). We went from there to boat fort, where G drove the boat, and also started some new journal writing and drawing. Add in a little log balancing and a quick run back to the shelter and our day was complete!
 On Thursday we continued to add to our signs of spring list while first visiting the creek (wet again!) 
and tromping through the mud to Owl Valley. There they played dinos, and then the 3 little pigs in their "brick" house made of sticks. 
To end our day most of the kids did their journal writing and drawing about spring back at the shelter. This spring session this active group will certainly have fun together!
Signs of Spring
Flowers growing
Baby centipede
Weeds growing
Caterpillar holes in leaves
New sword ferns
Baby english ivy

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